The Wandering Sadhvane

I’ve always been a wanderer, off to Grandma’s for the weekend, out for a retreat for the weekend, never really feeling like staying put. So … Feeling Good Holistics will begin offering workshops and classes across the country. Themes to choose from include

Exploring the Chakras

This can be held seasonally, monthly or during transitions of a more personal nature.

In this class we clear the chakras through toning(chant) and mudra(hand positions) as well as toning to balance.

Restorative Yoga

Depending on the season and reason for the class, a specific sequence will be offered to support whatever is presenting. This workshop can begin and/or end with chanting.

Restorative Yoga with the Gongs

This class takes the Restorative Yoga workshop to a deeper level with the gongs transporting us to a deeper dimension. Can also include chanting like above.

Gong Vibration Meditation

You can sit or lay for this delight. A theme is chosen and then the Gongs are allowed to have their say of support and encouragement for all participants. The vibrations from the Gongs help us release areas of restriction in the head, heart and body. Excellent choice for change of season, moon cycle, personal transition. It’s hard to talk about experience until you experience.

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