Smoothie Goodie

Blueberry, Bananna, Spinach, Ashwaghanda, Cinnamon, Ginger and Rooibos

So, ayurveda and chinese medicine say eat whole foods, chewing is good, don’t mix this with that unless you do thus, smoothies are questionable. Well, I had had a love/hate relationship with them for a while, I have changed my tune! What I do to satisfy the alternative geek in me is to use HOT water, that’s right hot water. Sometimes I’ll steam my greens in a little water and throw all of that goodness into the blender. Why hot? Oxalic acid that’s why. You can find lots of info on oxalic acid online so I won’t outline everything, except to say heating destroys oxalic acid so our bodies can use the nutrition in the greens. I put in herbs and sometimes teas, yes I do! Today’s smoothie had Blueberries, Banana, Rooibos (antioxidants) tea leaves, Cinnamon (warming), Ginger (warming), Ashwaghanda (balancing). It may look like pond scum, but oh my it was DELICIOUS!

So how do I deal with the chewing thing? Well I chew my smoothie for a few sips, sometimes the whole thing. Why chew? Hmm, well, because digestion starts before the stomach. Site, smell, taste all contribute to digestion. I chew in part to get the mouth juices flowing for better digestion.

How to/Recipe


Alrighty, start with two handfuls of blueberries, throw in a broken up banana, toss in a handful of spinach. Put in about a teaspoon of ashwaghanda and rooibos, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, dash of ginger. Pour hot water over it and turn the blender on high. Wait about 3-5 minutes of whirring and then I pour it into my glass and enjoy.

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