Rudra Mudra

Rudra Mudra – nice rhyme. Bring the index and ring finger to the thumb. Straighten, as best you can, the middle and little fingers. Soften around any tension.

Place yourself in a comfortable seated position, in a chair, on the floor or props. Bring your fingers into the mudra. Follow the breath in and out, notice any pauses along the way. Notice the body, the mind.

Some of the benefits of this mudra are – clarity of thought, can help with eyes, helps blood pressure and veins. This mudra helps balance and tone the third chakra. As you continue to work with the mudra and meditation, bring your focus to the third chakra, breath yellow in and out, mentally or audibly chant ram (RRRam). As your concentration increases, imagine yourself at the hub of a wheel. Allow this wheel to spin, faster, slower, notice how you are not affected by this spinning.

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