Pranayama – Yogic Breathing – Alternate Nostril/Nadi Shodhana

What is Pranayama – yogic breathing? It is intentional breathing without strain. Yes without strain. Are there benefits to intentional breathing? You bet. There has started to be more research on the subject and books have been written about the benefits of intentional breathing. I’ll have some references below.

Back when I was first learning yoga all pranayama instructions started with the exhale, any pause, inhale, any pause. So 4 parts to the breath. Be sure if you do research on your own to check, some more modern authors start with the inhale, pause, exhale, pause. For the purpose of this instruction we will start with the exhale.

Our initial goal is to exhale, block the right nostril to inhale through the left, switch sides, exhale through the right by blocking the left, inhale through the right, switch sides exhale left, repeat.

Here is a short video to help…understand.

Healthline and Yoga Journal have articles to go into more detail, become your own best investigator. Use this as a tool to do your own research.

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