New Moon Ritual

Sawmill RiverCycles … the new moon … A good time to think about our gifts, our gratitude. If you are so inclined, make a list or 7, 14, 21, etc. Read it every morning and evening until the full moon. On the full moon, burn your list, make an offering, sing, dance, let it go. As the next new moon comes around, notice what’s changed and do it again. Following the natural rhythms brings us back into balance.

Sample could be
I eat delicious and nutritious food
I move my body daily
I enjoy a brisk walk in the morning/mid day/evening
I awake before dawn
I wind down at dusk
I support those around me through my gifts
I practice random acts of kindness

Allow this to be a ritual, light a candle, burn some incense or smudge, create a sacred space. Some folks that have tried this for a few months have noticed changes. Changes in attitude, happiness, contentment. Perhaps start a journal to notice day to day. What is your rhythm? What would you like to be different? Take this time to check in with you, your life, your dreams, your desires…

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