New Beginnings – Life on the Road

New Beginnings – Life on the Road

Getting ready for new beginnings, of life on the road. #vanlife #vanlifediaries. Exciting, scary all up and down – courage, adventure where will this all lead?

Carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, my new best friend magnets! So many details to think about. People say be safe, I guess that’s my way of being safe for life on the road.

As I began choosing a leave date, doors started opening. Walk through the doors that open easiest spiritual leaders say. Another invitation to another location in Arizona. Someone invited me back to Nebraska. How can I organize these choices to optimize gas, to save money as I begin life on the road?

A friend helped me to get some netting put together, she sewed the edges and we put a magnet strip in the top since I’ll only have two hands. This wonderful strip of magnet is just strong enough to hold it in place while I smooth it out and put the heavy duty ones on. Who would have known!

Flashing back

Flashing back, I think about the times I’ve driven cross-country, with and without others. Memories of moving Caroline to Massachusetts, hauling a trailer with a minivan. Good times. Another time, three of us going from Massachusetts to Arizona, we drove straight through since there were three of us to rotate. Seeing the beauty of a Texas meteor shower. I always say I don’t like driving at night – I don’t consider waking at 3am and driving, driving at night!

Do I have what it takes to drive long distances anymore? Sure I did it at the beginning of the pandemic. Traveling from Colorado to Nevada to Utah to Wyoming to Nebraska, across to Pennsylvania and finally to Massachusetts – then back. I was very leery about getting hotels with the pandemic, but I had no other choice. Now I have another choice!

Maiden Voyage

The maiden voyage – other than the 3 hour trip to get the rig – was to Taos. I love Taos. Luckily no major restrictions were in place. The ability to be self-contained and traveling was wonderfilled. Delivering leather to a friend, social distancing, visiting and reminiscing. Pizza with another in her beautiful yard.

This next voyage will be to Crestone, Crestone is where my Colorado experiences began. It seems fitting to visit there once again, to camp on the land. A lot of the spiritual centers are still closed to the public, but I will still be able to drink in the beauty of the Sangre de Cristos if the smoke isn’t too bad. Fires all around.

Peace, Love and Light

As Covid-19 Lingers

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