Local Voyages to Taos and Crestone

Local Voyages to Taos and Crestone


Local voyages to Taos and Crestone. Two places I visited often while living in the San Luis Valley. Both are beautiful and mystical. I started my stay in Colorado in Crestone. Test, test, #vanlife

Crestone is a community of individuals, my experience. Fell in love with Crestone, remote, Sangre de Cristos Mountain right there. They really do turn blood red, so beautiful. Alas I was unable to make a decent living there so I moved to the bigger town south.

There are a lot of spiritual centers in Crestone. One I really like the Stupa and Shrine to Dorje Yudronma, a divine mother. This is a lineage in Tibetan Buddhism. Because the Stupa is outside, it is still open. Free Tibet!

With the pandemic, a lot of the centers are closed. A favorite of mine, Haidakhandi Universal Ashram is closed. Still stay in touch, but miss sitting with Ma, with Babaji. I’m very ecclectic in my spiritual beliefs. Haidakhandi is dedicated to the Divine Mother in all her forms and aspects. It hosts many events throughout the year. Om Namah Shivaya!

Taos, a place I did many spiritual practice. Lodge on Friday, Saturday, then Sunday at Hanuman. Neem Karoli Baba Ashram and Hanuman Temple is such an amazing place of sustainability. Many events throughout the year. I see no conflict between lodge and Hanuman. Once I was a firekeeper at a vision quest in Questa. I saw Hanuman running the mountain in a fit of JOY. This routine really helped me to stay clear for my work.

Ah broken arm, being hit by a drunk driver, routines change.


Boondocked. May as well do it locally to get the kinks out yeah? Lovely drive down, had to stay quarantined, so I pretty much hung out in the van and appreciated the view. Hmm, I think I need a fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide detector. Check and check. I could really use 12v off the house battery. Check. I need bug screens. Check.


I need more blankets. Check. Bug screens worked great except when the dust devil came through, just a simple adjustment. Magnets, who would have thought they’d be so hard to find. Finally did and they worked great! I sat at the Stupa for quite some time. A beautiful view, a wonderful energy. Getting organized in this small van has a curve. I’ve never been the neatest person, but I really need to get organized here.

Storage within storage – that’s the name of the game!

Peace, Love and Light!

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