Ida, Pingala and Shushumna

What you say? Ida is passive, feminine, on the left side and Pingala is active, masculine, on the right side. Shushumna (most gracious energy channel) goes straight down the spine to the tailbone (some say it goes up), Ida and Pingala create a dance up the body from the root chakra to the third eye (some say nostril right/pingala – left/ida) where they meet. Ida and Pingala move around each chakra. Chakra can be defined as a wheel.

Now there are schools of thought that say Ida and Pingala do not cross over side to side, rather they meet and stay on their own side. Since technology can neither prove nor deny, choose the one that works for you. I have experimented with both thoughts, I actually resonate more the the first description, but I have “experienced” the latter. So much is intention, if we intend, it is. So choose your intention, experiment with both if you like. Study the figures below. Enjoy an Ida, Pingala and Shushumna Meditation on soundcloud. after studying the figures.


There is a mudra associated with these, Ida Mudra is pictured below, Pingala Mudra, reverse which hand faces up. Bring ring finger and thumb together, for Ida, left palm faces up; for Pingala right palm faces up.

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