Foot Soak and Leg Tonic

Foot Soak and Leg Tonic

This foot soak and leg tonic can really reduce stress and anxiety! There are many things you can put in the water – baking soda with essential oils, castile soap and essential oils, Epsom salts/sea salts and essential oils. Whatever you decide to put in yours, be thoughtful about it. What do I need today, rejuvenation, relaxation, stimulation and choose accordingly. I could go on and on about what each essential oil does or the benefits of vinegar or baking soda, but I like to encourage you to do your own research. I will give you a recipe below, but find your curiosity.

foot water

Warm/Hot water for foot soak
Ah the foot soak. Tired feet – sitting or standing all day. What a delight to pamper our feet, they do so much for us throughout our day.
foot soak water
With all the traveling I did just before the Corona virus broke out, I felt like I needed a little detox from all the potential germs I’d come in contact with. Out came the vinegar, lavender and tea tree oil. In other word, detox/alkalize, calm down and kill those germs. That’s what vinegar, lavender and tea tree oil mean to me. So each night I was traveling I’d pull out my trusty plastic container, fill it with hot/warm water, make a cup of tea and soak those feet of mine.

Leg Tonic

As part of my evening ritual I would also massage my feet one at a time and continue to soak. I slept very well traveling, self care is key. After the soak and massage I would put my legs up the wall – with or without the toe separators.

foot soak water for leg tonic

Warm/Hot water for foot soak
All measurements are approximate, follow your intuition. For each gallon of water add about 1/4 Cup of salts, 1 splash of vinegar. Soak for up to 20 minutes. Enjoy

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