Eat Wheat? Read this!

That’s right – Eat Wheat – A Scientific and Clinically-Proven Approach to Safely Bringing Wheat AND Dairy Back INTO Your Diet, by Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP.

So this is incredible right? All of us with sensitivities toward certain foods…wheat, dairy; we get a second chance? Indeed. I must say that the wisdom contained in this book, as well as, the ancient knowledge of Ayureveda has allowed me to eat wheat AND dairy again.

I know that some of you really enjoy the scientific evidence base, and you surely will enjoy that aspect of the book. Intertwined within the pages are Ayurvedic wisdom, current research, as well as, time honored recipes and advice. Dr. John is adept at making Ayurveda and scientific studies accessible and understandable to the average Jane/Joe. The book covers modern additives, GMOs and other toxic load our modern society contends with, not to mention proper food combining, what we can add to heal and repair our gut to be able to enjoy – wheat and dairy again. He explains the different aspects of our digestion, how digestion changes with the seasons and how we can find optimal health through it all.

In addition to digestion, the book covers the lymph system in quite a bit of detail. Most of modern medicine does not understand much about the lymph and its importance to optimal health. Ayurveda has had deep understanding of this system for thousands of years. Dr. John covers simple routines we can follow to optimize our lymph AND digestion in order to find health and vitality at any age.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it will remain a reference in my arsenal. If you have struggled with any food allergy or issue, I really encourage you to get this book and begin integrating it’s wisdom into your every day life.

This book is available through pre-order and includes some additional free gifts …


Estimated delivery of the book and all digital bonus material is the week of January 10th, 2017.

*Pre-order your copy through LifeSpa and get:

Eat Wheat paperback (free domestic shipping)
Eat Wheat Research Supplement eBook (over 270 additional studies curated by the Oldways Whole Grain Council)
Miracle of Lymph eBook and Digital Audio Lecture bundle – PDF and .mp3 ($14.95 value free)
Restore Energy Digital Audio Lecture lecture – .mp3 ($9.95 value each)
Lose Weight Digital Audio Lecture lecture – .mp3 ($9.95 value each)
Exclusive Live Teleseminar and Q&A Session with Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP on Gluten and Dairy Sensitivity (Date TBD)

There is also an option for the eBook version at this link

I met Dr. John a couple decades ago at a workshop in Massachusetts, up in the hills, the place was Star Seed Retreat Center. He had been working on another book – Body, Mind and Sport. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and was able to eat taboo foods in a short period of time following his advice. It is wonderful to have this information in one place.

Pam Williams is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher in the San Luis Valley, Colorado

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