Do-In Self-Massage

Do-In Self-Massage for Stress Relief

Our health and wellness these days is so important! Finding ways to take care of ourselves can be challenging. This is an excellent, yet simple way to use self-care to help reduce and manage the stresses of our new normals.

Do-In is a form of self-massage, it is an ancient Asian tradition. I have been practicing this for many years. Back when I worked on a computer for a living, I had a lot of neck and back strain. This helped me move around and stimulate circulation in my body. It is very refreshing. I encourage you to try it around 3 in the afternoon instead of reaching for a snack or cup of coffee.

You don’t need any fancy equipment. It’s simple, helpful and invigorating.

Remember to work lightly around joints and less fleshy areas. Work lighter in the abdomen and neck areas. You can work deeper in the more muscular areas as in the buttock, or the hands and feet.

Find yourself in a comfortable seated position and follow along as best you can. You can also perform it standing if you prefer.

As you become familiar with the routine, you can do it on your own, linger in areas of tension. This is a form of tapotement – rhythmic tapping that stimulates the lymph system and excites the nervous system, way better than a beverage.

The one beverage I do like to enjoy after a do-in massage is a nice warm cup of water. You can add lemon if you like. I also enjoy smelling lavender and frankincense combined before and after. I sometimes put it in the diffuser. Love that combo.

See more videos on my YouTube Channel!

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