DIY Salt Scrub

salt scrub

Salt Scrub

What is a salt scrub? A salt scrub is some oil, salt (good salt/fine grain) and some essential oils. How do you use a salt scrub? Use it like a bar of soap, scrub and rub. What does it do? It helps to exfoliate (loosen/remove dead skin cells) and moisturize, it also stimulates and invigorates underlying tissues.

I LOVE salt scrubs. It helps me keep my working arms and hands soft and supple. In the winter I also use them on my feet, during the summer I want me feet to be tough. It is possible to give yourself a full body salt scrub, that’s up to you. Sign up for the newsletter here to receive other helpful recipes …

So let’s get started …


Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt or any other high quality salt. Be sure that it does not contain additives such as iodine or anti-caking chemicals.

High Quality or Organic Oil I personally like apricot kernel oil, jojoba and sunflower oils together. You could also use coconut (solid or fractionated), sweet almond, etc.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils contact me for my recommendations. In the video below I used Clary Sage, Lavender and Lemongrass.

salt blend

Salt Blend

oil mix

Bottle of oil (sunflower, apricot kernel and jojoba)

So now we have a short video showing the simple steps for a delicious Salt Scrub …

And here’s a video using the salt scrub we just made.


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