Conscious Relaxation

Conscious Relaxation Meditation – Begninners Meditation

Conscious relaxation is where we choose to relax in a methodical way, with or without an external cue. This is a great awareness to cultivate as a yoga for beginners practice. We have really become human doings – replacing human beings.
A lot of folks have high stresses in their lives and we’ve forgotten in our fast paced world how to relax, to unplug.

As we begin to train ourselves to relax and let go. It may take some effort initially, but over time, our body and mind will crave it. When I had a desk job and a lot of computer work, I set the alarm on my computer to go off every hour on the hour. After I became adept at a relaxation exercise similar to this one, I was able to scan in about 10 seconds, eventually I was able to notice as tension started and release it sooner rather than later.

Heart doctors and others have taken from yoga and mindfulness practices to help people with hypertension relax.

Here is a short relaxation exercise that is suitable for yoga for beginners and can be done any part of the day. I especially like it after yoga or before bed. Enjoy

Full Body Relaxation by Pam Williams

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4 Responses to Conscious Relaxation

  1. Victoria Mestas says:

    A great technique to incorporate stillness throughout body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend this exercise. Her voice is very calm, it is not distracting at all. Easy to focus in on that zone of peacefulness within.

  2. Judy Jones says:

    This is a very soothing meditation that would be refreshing for a quick break, as well as after yoga practice. The instructor offers great visualization cues in a clear and concise way. All you have to do is chill out and observe your body’s sensations. Nothing is left out—body, mind, and spirit are covered equally. This is a blissful way to achieve total relaxation.

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