Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada

Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada #vanlifediaries

Woke up early in Colorado. I knew I’d have a 10-12 hour trip – #vanlifediaries. 4am. Let’s have coffee, finish cleaning up and hit the road. On the way down through Tres Piedras, New Mexico, the sun rose. So incredibly beautiful. Enjoying the hills and views, I was hoping to see some antelope – but none. Made it down to Albuquerque and onto I40. Heated up some bread in the wonderful 12 volt hot plate.

As I entered Arizona, ah Arizona, this place that was on my vision board – not Colorado. I forgot how beautiful the lower part of Arizona is having mostly been in northern Arizona the last several years to visit and participate. The first saguaro, tears welled up. Heading down the mountain, breath taking. On a mission to get to a friend’s house to leave some of my things. No place to sleep, packed full. The van, she needs a name was riding well.

For about 14 years I traveled all over Arizona. What was I looking for? What was so interesting to me here? Eventually, I found friends on the Navajo Reservation in northern Arizona. I still love Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff. Forgot all those years flying into Phoenix and renting a car, going as far south as Tuscon and as far north as the Grand Canyon. Nothing like a good road trip – #vanlife – Ahhhh

Leaving Arizona, heading to see family in Nevada, northwest Las Vegas. Joshua trees, how could I forget Arizona has Joshua trees? No I don’t go gamble, I go visit. Triple digits, I don’t like using air conditioning and I didn’t. Made good time, roads weren’t that busy. Still need to go back to Colorado, will travel northern Arizona that way! This time the van will have room to sleep if I choose.
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Peace, Love and Light!

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