Beginning Yoga – A Journey


The hardest part for me – getting back into yoga. I had learned some yoga as a child, forgot about it during my teens and re-awakened to yoga in my early 20s. I had body image issues, lacked self-esteem, too busy, too tired. I had aches and pains someone much older should have – not ME, not MY age!

Ah but my body and my mind knew that this would be a good thing. I began checking out every book about yoga at the library. I began a mostly daily practice. I hit a wall. I needed more help than could be found in a book.

Timidly I began attending classes. Kept my head down, didn’t look anyone in the eye, stayed toward the back. I found a couple of teachers I really liked. They would come over to me, make suggestions (they WORKED!). I became more comfortable, began engaging, moved forward in the room. I became a part of it, it became a part of me. I eventually became a yoga teacher myself.

Any of this sounding familiar? Is it resonating with you?

Let Gaiam Be Your First Yoga Mat

Committing to Practice

I could see how yoga was helping me, changing me for the better. I began having less discomfort and more ease. I decided to make a commitment – to MYSELF. I decided I would do some yoga every day for a month. No excuses. No cop-outs. I would take a class a day and if there was not class I would do Sunsalutes.

I started with the Sunsalutes. Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit



These Sunsalutes – meditation in motion. I linked movement with breath. My mind would focus a little more, become quiet at times. Sometimes it’s hard to sit, try a movement meditation with the Sunsalutes.

Here is a short demo videos to get you started.

Let Gaiam Be Your First Yoga Mat

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