As Covid-19 Lingers

As Covid-19 Lingers – Life on the Road?

As I take in the morning beauty at the dog park, geese are squawking, cows are mooing and the deer are grazing nearby. This idea of being a nomad has been with me for many, many years. Covid helped me take the leap. Could this be the answer to a prayer? Could this be the beginning of a nomad #vanlife, of life on the road?


I was fortunate enough to find a trade for my car for a van that is equipped with a desk, electric and a bed. What more could a girl want? Yards and parking lots? A digital business to tide me over until I can find craniosacral and massage work? Currently I’m offering online yoga 4 days a week. Yoga ! with Pam

This San Luis Valley has held me, nourished me and taught me many lessons. A year or more ago, a family member had complications and I couldn’t get out of the valley to an airport. As a result, I decided to start looking for a place easier to get to an airport. I sold my house and planned an epic adventure. Off to Las Vegas to visit family, then to Utah to take a class – whispers of covid. Out to Wyoming to visit an old yoga teacher, then down to Nebraska to teach some workshops. Staying at my Uncle’s Big Covid Warnings.

Change of Plans?

Change of plans, second workshop cancelled due to weather, the places I was to visit in the East – closed. Visiting my parents was on the list, so I headed there to let this blow over. I stayed with a childhood friend in Pennsylvania, good times, then up to Massachusetts to weather the covid storm.

I began teaching online while at my parents. It felt like the least I could do – most of my “students” are over 60 – nice to be an anchor amidst the chaos, to have a purpose.  A number of people have continued to show up for the class, for themselves.

vanSo here she is, what’s her name going to be?

After about 7 weeks, it was time to transition back to Colorado, I had a summer job to get to and a cabin I was renting into the fall. Traveling and staying at hotels is a little intimidating. I really need something I can sleep in. Luckily I was traveling with my ozone fan to cleanse the room. Next! Summer job cancelled. All I need is something I can sleep in. Covid continues. No unemployment. Not enough work to pay so many rents. It’s time for #vanlife! Life on the road!

The Hunt for “The Van”

Prices were crazy high for all vans and RVs and watched the prices skyrocket, horrified. I had been watching “Cheap RV Living” getting some clarity. As I began to get clear about what I needed/wanted, a bed, standing up not necessary, electricity and a desk. Simple. I could not find anything I could afford already made, so I started looking at cargo vans – empty. I drove all the way to Centennial outside of Denver to look at a Chevy van. It was in terrible shape and expensive. So I started heading back, well might as well check out Colorado Springs as I go through … nothing, nothing, hmm what’s this? Already tripped out? Price seems reasonable. Let’s sleep on it. Three days later after haggling and back and forth I drove back to Springs. The rest is HERstory – nomad #vanlife a new beginning!

Practices that Helped Me – nomad #vanlife a new beginning

Making life decisions can be very stressful. One important practice that helped me to “get” clear and “stay” focused was this Conscious Relaxation

This helped me “clear out” … Ksepana Mudra – Pouring Out

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