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Local Voyages to Taos and Crestone

Local Voyages to Taos and Crestone Crestone Local voyages to Taos and Crestone. Two places I visited often while living in the San Luis Valley. Both are beautiful and mystical. I started my stay in Colorado in Crestone. Test, test, … Continue reading

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New Beginnings – Life on the Road

New Beginnings – Life on the Road Getting ready for new beginnings, of life on the road. #vanlife #vanlifediaries. Exciting, scary all up and down – courage, adventure where will this all lead? Carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, fire extinguisher, … Continue reading

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As Covid-19 Lingers

As Covid-19 Lingers – Life on the Road? As I take in the morning beauty at the dog park, geese are squawking, cows are mooing and the deer are grazing nearby. This idea of being a nomad has been with … Continue reading

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