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COVID-19 Support

As a service I have compliled a list of upcoming and ongoing online yoga classes, as well as offering mudras, meditations and wellness videos. Please check the blog above for the lastest offerings. A complete list is contained on this page Coping Through Challenges – Yoga ! with Pam.

Hi I’m Pam Williams, LMT, KYT. I’m a massage therapist, yoga teacher, ceremonial leader, workshop and gong meditation facilitator – offering support through life’s cycles. To schedule an appointment or to get more information regarding services, please call (719) 580-3627 or email fgholistics@yahoo.com Serving the San Luis Valley since 2002.

Contained here you will find products that support health and wellbeing.  Articles about yoga, massage and reflexology will be featured from time to time.  Recipes and useful items related to nutrition and new findings will be offered.

Essential oils are an integral part of my life. You will also find recipes and suggestions on how to use these prize medicinals, from laundry, to bath blends, you name it.

Feeling Good Holistics has taken to the road! Now being offered are travel workshops held across the country. Upcoming events include Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Workshop themes vary including – Chakra Workshop, Restorative Yoga with or without the Gongs, Gong Meditations and private sessions available as well.

Have you considered eating for the season or for your body type, check out the link below.