Sore Muscle Rub

Ever wake up with a crick in the neck or stiffness in the back? Do you long for the days of youth?

Well this won’t necessarily bring back your youth, but it might help you sleep better and feel better because of it.

I’ve always been interested in alternative things and I learned this along the way … food is medicine, the skin is the largest organ in the body, food is the best food for the skin. So, did you know nutmeg is great for tired and/or sore muscles? It is, some folks feel a warming sensation, some cooling. Think maybe nature knows more than we do?

Ghee, clarified butter that has been washed and prayed with. Clarified butter is a good substitute, but Ghee is better. I get mine locally – sort of. I get it at the Ashram in Taos, NM, it’s made from local grass fed cows milk. This stuff is the most amazing Ghee I’ve ever had.

So to make the Rub …

Get some of the best quality Ghee in your area (Health Food or Indian Store). Take about a 1/4 Cup for a small batch, melt it in a double boiler over lowish heat. Get some whole fresh nutmeg (again a Health Food or Herbal Store), finely grate in the nutmeg. I use about a 1/4 or the nut. Let this be warm for a while, maybe 10 minutes, don’t let it boil, just meld. Pour into a small jar and allow it to cool. Cover and leave it alone for about a week. After a week or so, mix it up and enjoy. Of course it’s edible, you could put a little on some cauliflower at dinner, but rub it into your sore areas before bedtime. This spreads really nicely on the skin, you don’t need much to cover a large surface. Notice if there’s a difference in the morning. Use as needed, take breaks from it, as we can become sensitized, usually a week on a few days off is good.


Nutmeg Muscle Rub

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